Fabrizio Micciche fotograaf Breda

Fabrizio Micciche


I am a freelance Italian photographer living in the Netherlands. Photography found me unexpectedly in the 2012 and since then it has become my biggest passion ever. My portfolio includes people photography, such as portraits, but also interior, nature, food and landscape. For me photography is an art, it is a process of creating images that last and deliver.
Whenever I am asked to undertake a new project, I like to make contact with my customers to understand their needs, visions, feelings and ambitions about the project. I believe that excellence lies in the details. Together we look at the light, the best angle, appealing compositions and I guide you through the session. We go through as many images as needed looking for the best ones that reflect who you are, your business needs and the essence of your project: this is why you hired me.

My goal as a photographer is to take photos that people can proudly display and share with their family, friends, websites and social media. Every image is unique, just like every customer is. I believe that creating photos for people is one of the most amazing and beautiful job in the world!